Live your life with love

week of Oct 1 - Oct 7 DAY 1

Your love and your faithfulness bring you My favor. They bring glory to you and to Me. Jesus’ life and death is glorified by the way you love Me and others. Your love and faithfulness makes you righteous and gives you a peace that those who do not know Me envy. You are…


week of Sep 24 - Sep 30 DAY 4

You wonder where I am — how I would allow your heart to be broken. You question whether I am with you or against you in your pain. Whether I am a good God. Believe that I know your pain and feel it as deeply as you do. My goodness is not measured by your pain or freedom…

My Peace is Yours

week of Sep 24 - Sep 30 DAY 3

I hear your cries – cries that seek My hand on your life – cries that offer sacrifices in exchange for My protection, provision, and love. I do not desire your sacrifices but rather your heart. I am gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. While…

Money. Sex. Wine.

week of Sep 24 - Sep 30 DAY 2

I know that you are tempted by what the world parades before you. Money. Sex. Wine. Beauty and gluttony are ways of the world that are not My ways. They are tempting because they are easy. They are fast. They are even pleasant in the moment. But they do not last. Even so,…

Every Effort

week of Sep 24 - Sep 30 DAY 1

Why do you fight amongst yourselves? What is to be gained by seeking worldly justice between children of God–dividing My children and stepping into the darkness of the world. You do not belong to the world, but to Me. I have chosen you out of the world. I have chosen you…

First Place in Your Life

week of Sep 17 - Sep 23 Day 4

I don’t ask for first place in your life because I need it. I don’t have an ego, I am unchanging – whether you put Me first or not. I command My place in your life because it benefits YOU. It hurts you when you don’t honor Me; your life spins out of control. There…

Walk Humbly

week of Sep 17 - Sep 23 DAY 3

Walk with Me. Let that closeness become the definitive mark on your life. It is possible for you to experience My presence in your life every day. It is the way I designed you to live. When you walk with Me you begin to understand My love and affirmation in your life. Walk…

Joy Will See You Through

week of Sep 17 - Sep 23 DAY 2

Do not grieve, for the joy you have in Me is your strength. This joy can be the difference between despair and a sense of well-being. Even though you experience many trials, My joy will see you through. You are trying to carry all these burdens on your own, in your strength….

A Constant Source

week of Sep 17 - Sep 23 DAY 1

Stay connected to Me and you will be like a tree planted by a river of water. Your tendency is to come to the water source when you feel your thirst overwhelm you. But a healthy tree grows right next to the riverbank, where there is a constant source of water. When you are…

You are Safe Here

DAY 4 week of Sep 10 - Sep 16

Do not be afraid. It doesn’t matter what comes in this world. The earth can shake. The mountains can fall into the sea. Nations can roar against each other. You do not have to be afraid because you can count on this. I am your refuge. I am your strength. I am ever-ready…