Redefining Rituals

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 8 of 8

Rituals some times have negative connotations attached to them. Mainly because by them, we believe we can make our own way to God. But are these the type of rituals that God has implemented for us, so that we can do things to make God happy?  In his last sermon during the…

The Power of Love

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 7 of 8

For many of us, love has been experienced as conditional. If we perform well, we are loved well. If we mess up, we are loved less. But this is not how God loves us. Pastor Kenton explains for us that when we view our relationship with God in the sense of do’s and don’ts,…

Won’t You be My Neighbor

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 6 of 8

Jesus says that the two greatest commandments are to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself. But just like the rich young ruler, we seem to always ask, “who is my neighbor?” In his sermon Won’t You Be…

Who Cares

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 5 of 8

God’s heart is for those in need. And if God’s heart is for those need, should our hearts be the same? All of us were once spiritual orphans, completely lost, fatherless, and roaming through life on our own. But God loved us too much to leave us that way. When…

Rest of the Story

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 4 of 8

Do you ever find life to be challenging? Almost to much to bear? Many things in life carry weight and it’s not always manageable. Add the constant addiction to self-improvement, self-achievement, and thinking we can do it without God, no wonder we get burned out so…

All the Worlds A Stage

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 3 of 8

For many of us, there is a difference between who we say we are and who we really are.  Have you ever felt like this?  That you act one way in front of people, but know you are a completely different person on the inside?  Jesus wants to free us from the acting.  God…

Inside Out

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 2 of 8

What causes us to change the way we live our lives?  Is it simply altering our external actions, or is there something deeper that God wants to address? Religion is an outside-in approach, changing external behaviors to prove to God that we are good enough.  But Jesus…

Death by Religion

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 1 of 8

Religion makes us feel like we are in control of our relationship with God.  However, the gospel is such good news because all of our efforts and pursuits of trying to reach God are taken out of our control, and fulfilled through Jesus. This is why Jesus hates religion….

Life Change

From Changeology episode 9 of 9

Is life change experienced through constant attempts of trying make ourselves better? Or does God have a different plan? In this sermon, Pastor Kenton explores how we have no hope of changing ourselves, but it is only through Christ that our desires, outlook on life, and…

Here is Your Change

From Changeology episode 8 of 9

Believing what God says about us, and how He actually views us as a child of His completely changes how we approach life, ourselves, and how we view others. God has left nothing to chance, especially in the lives of his children. He has chosen you, has a plan for you, and…