Life Changing Love

From Changeology episode 7 of 9

We all want to be better and different people. There are things in our lives that we just want to see changed. Whether it be sin, struggles, trust, how we treat people; all of us have this hope of the better version of ourselves that we would like to see. Truth be told,…

Change in Thinking

From Changeology episode 6 of 9

How do we deal with pain and suffering in this life? Can we still keep our eyes on Jesus and trust that he still cares for us, or are we on our own? In his sermon “Change in Thinking”, Pastor Kenton explores how God is not wasting the difficulty and challenges…

Changed for Good

From Changeology episode 5 of 9

Do you ever struggle with learning how to grow in your spiritual walk as a believer? As Christians, how do we grow in holiness, in faith, and in obedience? God works at a completely different speed than we do in our spiritual journey. He works at the speed of faith. Join…

The Changed Life

From Changeology episode 4 of 9

There is darkness within each and every one of us that none of us like to admit to. But not all of us want this darkness to remain. Rather than attempting to change ourselves on our own, Pastor Kenton explores how the Holy Spirit is working hand in hand with our hearts and…

The Wrong Change

From Changeology episode 3 of 9

Are you a person who lives by God’s law or God’s grace?  Like two personalities operating in the same mind, all of us as believers live in this tension of trying to please God and trusting in his grace to lead us in obedience.  But which one do we find our…

Agent of Change

From Changeology episode 2 of 9

Have you ever wondered what it actually means for God to extend to us his grace? What does this mean? How does it affect our lives?  In his sermon “Agent of Change”, Pastor Kenton explores how God’s grace is so much more than just forgiveness, but that…

Spiritual Change

From Changeology episode 1 of 9

As followers of Christ, we all go through different seasons in our spiritual walk. Sometimes we hear God very clearly, while other times we wonder if he’s even there.  Is God always intricately involved in our lives, even when he seems to be nowhere around?  In his…

Kill Him or Crown Him

From One episode 12 of 12

A pre-Easter message that is great year round. Kenton is talking about Walls. Theres are all sorts of walls that we as people build. We build cultural walls, nation – national walls. We build political walls. We build economic walls. But we also know the pain of walls….

Risky Business

From One episode 11 of 12

How your view of God determines how you live. We are going to explore that connection. This message will also challenge you to let go of your ordinary dreams and ordinary life and do what the Mariners Church mission statement says. We want to become passionate followers,…

Check Your Oil

From One episode 10 of 12

Lights matter. There are two kinds of people that drive cars. There’s wise people that are prepared and that watch for the dashboard lights, they check the oil and they check the gasoline and there’s foolish people who don’t check the oil and don’t check the gasoline…