Freedom for All

From How to Start a Revolution

Have you ever experienced a mental fog? Sadness? Loneliness? Evil? We all do these are a part of life, but some times they can be more then that. We live in a constant battle for authority of the world. A battle fought in the spiritual between Jesus and Satan. Let’s…

Be Fearless

From Christian

We are talking about compassion. Right away most of you will go “good” … “I love talking about compassion because I am a compassionate person.” Of course you are, I mean we all are.  We see those commercials on TV of the starving kids and…

The Outsiders

From Christian

What is a Christian? What’s interesting about that term is it actually is almost a useless term because in our culture it can mean anything. What are Christians known for? What we stand against. We rally against things, we march against things, we hold placards against…

Two Lost Sons

From Christian

You can believe just about anything these days and still call yourself a Christian. You can do just about anything and still call yourself a Christian. The reason is because there’s no place to go to find a clear definition of Christian. What does it mean? The Bible…

Words with Friends

From Relationology

Life happens in relationships. Things can be going oh so smoothly and then suddenly out of nowhere things turn on a dime and you find yourself in a relationship that is blowing apart at the seems. What are you going to do in that moment? It happens in marriage, it happens…

Marriage by Design

From Relationology

What is the purpose and the design behind marriage? What about soul mates? True fact or myth? Pastor Kenton takes a look at what culture says about love and marriage and then what God has to say about marriage. What the biblical view of marriage and relationships are….

Help I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up

From The Bible

The Bible Series on the History Channel recorded over 100 million viewers most of which were not Christians. People are fascinated with the stories of the bible! So let’s start at the very beginning, because? It’s a very good place to start! So we are gonna look at what…

Throw it Down

From The Bible

The great problem for us in our world is that we have small dreams. We don’t believe great things. We don’t believe that God’s called us to great things. Romans 8:19 says all of creation waits with eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. What it says…

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

From The Bible

What does God want to do during this specific season of your life? In this sermon, Pastor Kenton explores this question, looking at the four major seasons of life that every person goes through….

Do You See What I See

From The Outsiders Guide to Christmas

All of us have had opportunities in our life where we missed something that’s really important and you go I wish I could have that back. Some of them are legendary you know. Some of these you know. In 1961 Decker records turned down the singing group the Beatles. And the…