Do You See What I See

From The Outsiders Guide to Christmas


All of us have had opportunities in our life where we missed something that’s really important and you go I wish I could have that back. Some of them are legendary you know. Some of these you know. In 1961 Decker records turned down the singing group the Beatles. And the person said they’re not very sell able. Imagine that guy wants that back, right? Mars candy, the director the producer of ET wanted M&M and they said no we don’t want to do that so they put in Reese’s Pieces and after that movie Reese’s Pieces went up 65% just because of that movie. Probably should have re-thought that one right? Western Union refused to buy the patent from Alexander Grand Bell for the telephone. They said there’s no future in the phone. I love all the money they spend for sports, especially, in the football draft. Tom Brady, one of the best quarterbacks ever, drafted 199th. A lot of people made some mistakes there right? So you’ve had misses in your life. Maybe they aren’t as big and legendary as that but you miss big moments. And you go I wish I could have that back. So I want to talk to you about this season in a huge opportunity that you have. Today we’re gonna look at people who experienced Christmas and why. We are gonna look at people who missed Christmas this incredible opportunity. Once in a lifetime. They missed Jesus when he was there. And why. And then we want to talk about how you cannot miss this opportunity of a lifetime to experience Christmas.

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