All the Worlds A Stage

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 3 of 8

For many of us, there is a difference between who we say we are and who we really are.  Have you ever felt like this?  That you act one way in front of people, but know you are a completely different person on the inside?  Jesus wants to free us from the acting.  God…

Inside Out

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 2 of 8

What causes us to change the way we live our lives?  Is it simply altering our external actions, or is there something deeper that God wants to address? Religion is an outside-in approach, changing external behaviors to prove to God that we are good enough.  But Jesus…

Death by Religion

From Why Jesus Hates Religion episode 1 of 8

Religion makes us feel like we are in control of our relationship with God.  However, the gospel is such good news because all of our efforts and pursuits of trying to reach God are taken out of our control, and fulfilled through Jesus. This is why Jesus hates religion….

First Place in Your Life

week of Sep 17 - Sep 23 Day 4

I don’t ask for first place in your life because I need it. I don’t have an ego, I am unchanging – whether you put Me first or not. I command My place in your life because it benefits YOU. It hurts you when you don’t honor Me; your life spins out of control. There…

Walk Humbly

week of Sep 17 - Sep 23 DAY 3

Walk with Me. Let that closeness become the definitive mark on your life. It is possible for you to experience My presence in your life every day. It is the way I designed you to live. When you walk with Me you begin to understand My love and affirmation in your life. Walk…

Life Change

From Changeology episode 9 of 9

Is life change experienced through constant attempts of trying make ourselves better? Or does God have a different plan? In this sermon, Pastor Kenton explores how we have no hope of changing ourselves, but it is only through Christ that our desires, outlook on life, and…

Here is Your Change

From Changeology episode 8 of 9

Believing what God says about us, and how He actually views us as a child of His completely changes how we approach life, ourselves, and how we view others. God has left nothing to chance, especially in the lives of his children. He has chosen you, has a plan for you, and…

Joy Will See You Through

week of Sep 17 - Sep 23 DAY 2

Do not grieve, for the joy you have in Me is your strength. This joy can be the difference between despair and a sense of well-being. Even though you experience many trials, My joy will see you through. You are trying to carry all these burdens on your own, in your strength….

Life Changing Love

From Changeology episode 7 of 9

We all want to be better and different people. There are things in our lives that we just want to see changed. Whether it be sin, struggles, trust, how we treat people; all of us have this hope of the better version of ourselves that we would like to see. Truth be told,…

A Constant Source

week of Sep 17 - Sep 23 DAY 1

Stay connected to Me and you will be like a tree planted by a river of water. Your tendency is to come to the water source when you feel your thirst overwhelm you. But a healthy tree grows right next to the riverbank, where there is a constant source of water. When you are…